Sede Viglienghi

Founded by Carlino Viglienghi in 1970 as an individual enterprise located in the historical centre of Esino Inferiore, it soon needs new spaces and new forces.

In 1976 it is established as a general partnership with Viglienghi’s wife, Letizia Nasazzi, it is moved to the village suburbs in Via Bigallo 13 and the first employee is hired.

In 1991, after completing the construction of a modern industrial factory having a covered space of 600 m2, the operative unit is moved to Via dell’Artigianato 3, still in Esino Lario, with its six employees and its machinery wholly converted to CNC technology.

In 2002 the factory is enlarged by acquiring the adjacent factory, and reaches a covered space of 1000 m2. In the same year ISO 9001 quality certification is achieved.

In 2004 the founder partners retire definitively and the company management is taken over by their son Giovanni Viglienghi, current majority partner, who had already joined the company in 2002, and their daughter, Cristina Viglienghi.

A new expansion phase begins, labour force totals 15 employees with a clearer differentiation of company functions, the machinery is renewed and enhanced, the company opens to foreign markets, EU and Extra-EU.

In 2014 the company is transformed from a partnership into a limited liability company and the works for building new administrative premises and redefining internal spaces are started.

Today the company has 25 employees and is extended over a 2000 m2 area of which 1400 m2 are covered: 1100 for manufacturing, 200 for raw material storage and 100 as administrative offices.


Certified Quality

Through the ISO 9001:2015 certification we ensure:

  • product quality
  • management system reliability
  • control system reliability


Quality Policy


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23825 Esino Lario (LC) - ITALY
Via dell'Artigianato, 3
Tel. 0341 860.260
Fax 0341 860.928